You may have thought that Tin Roof was solely about crafting exquisite cutting boards and charcuterie boards, and while we take great pride in those creations, our passion extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen. We thrive on the opportunity to bring our craftsmanship to larger-scale projects, where we can truly make a lasting impact in our customers' lives.


Blending RustIC Charm with Modern Design

Let me invite you into the inner workings of an extraordinary residential remodel project we successfully completed in 2022. Perched atop a hill with a captivating view of the tranquil waters of Horseshoe Bay, the Theut family embarked on the construction of their dream vacation home. Their aspiration was for a space that not only fulfilled their practical requirements but also resonated with their longing to blend rustic charm with modern design.

Seeking a partner renowned for excellence in bringing dreams to life, they turned to Tin Roof — a name synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation.


The Grand Mono Staircase

At the heart of their vision stood the grand mono-beam staircase—a majestic centerpiece crafted from Maple wood 4-inch thick treads and steel. With glass pane railings, and special LED lights, this staircase transcended mere functionality, emerging as a breathtaking work of art that seamlessly blended form and function. This architectural marvel would serve as the focal point of their home, seamlessly merging rustic charm with contemporary elegance.


Tin Roof worked closely alongside the homebuilder to ensure alignment with project timelines. As the builder progressed, so did Tin Roof, evolving from the initial temporary pine staircase to the robust steel framework that would support the imposing treads of the mono staircase.

Elegant Maple Doors and Table

Every facet of the home's design bore the mark of our meticulous attention to detail. To infuse a touch of modern warmth into their vacation home, the Theut family opted for elegant maple doors. These doors were adorned with polished stainless steel inlays — a unique addition that brought a sense of sophistication to the space. The solid wood construction and exquisite craftsmanship added a grandeur and sophistication to the home that cannot be overstated. In person, these doors stand as a testament to the quality and attention to detail that Tin Roof brings to every project we undertake.


Inspired by this blend of rustic and modern elements, the family commissioned Tin Roof to craft an exquisite dining room table, mirroring the same maple and steel inlays for a cohesive aesthetic throughout the house. From the elegant maple doors adorned with stainless steel inlays to the exquisite dining room table crafted to perfection, each element reflected the unparalleled elegance and refinement synonymous with Tin Roof's work.

Trusting Tin Roof

Throughout the project, the Theut family placed their trust in Tin Roof, confident in our ability to bring their vision to fruition. As we put the finishing touches on the project, our hearts swelled with pride and gratitude upon receiving the heartfelt words of the homeowners, conveyed in a simple text message—"You guys ROCK! Thank you! Y'all did a great job, it's perfect!" Their satisfaction with our work serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.


"You guys ROCK! Thank you! Y'all did a great job, it's perfect!"

Let Us Bring Your Vision to Life:

Reflecting on our journey with the Theut Residence, we are reminded of the transformative power of craftsmanship—a power that transcends mere construction to create homes imbued with warmth, beauty, and a sense of belonging. If you find yourself in need of a residential remodel or custom woodworking project, we invite you to reach out to us at Tin Roof. Let us partner with you to bring your dreams to life — a space where every detail is crafted with care, and where memories are made to last a lifetime.


If you seek a RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION that encompasses uniqueness and elegance, reach out to Tin Roof Kitchen & Home and embark on a journey to create one-of-a-kind treasures that make your house a HOME.

Stay tuned for more tales of rustic opulence from Tin Roof Kitchen and Home!