Crafting Rustic Luxury at Champion Ranch Hunting Ranch and Resort



Howdy, friends! Kurt here, founder of Tin Roof Kitchen and Home, and I couldn't be more excited to share the story behind one of our most ambitious projects to date: Champion Ranch Hunting Ranch and Resort. Nestled in the heart of Brady, Texas, this expansive property provided us with the ideal backdrop to showcase our craftsmanship in rustic luxury. From hand-polished doors and a massive pecan wood table, to a 70 foot staircase, every detail was designed to create an unforgettable experience for our client’s guests.

Champion Ranch isn't just a hunting ranch; it's a luxury resort designed to offer an unparalleled experience. Our task was to build and furnish an enormous trophy room, several guest suites, each with its own unique theme and amenities, as well as several other projects throughout the property. The goal was to merge the rugged charm of Texas with modern luxury, ensuring that every corner of the ranch exuded both comfort and style.


A Tribute to Heritage in the Texas Suite

Let’s start with the Texas Suite, a space that truly captures the essence of our work. We furnished this suite almost entirely with Pecan wood, harvested from land once owned by Stephen F. Austin. The historical significance of the wood added a special touch, making this suite a living testament to Texas history.

We installed hardwood floors both upstairs and down, crafted cabinetry for the kitchen and two bathrooms, and designed doors and a vanity for the powder bath. The wood ceiling and beams, paired with an old tin roof ceiling, provided a rustic yet elegant atmosphere. One of the standout features was the heavy steel mono-beam staircase with thick pecan flights and live edge base trim, which added a bold, architectural element to the suite.

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Rustic Charm in the Mud Hut Suite

In the Mud Hut Suite, we embraced a different kind of rustic charm. We built a cedar solid wood staircase with heavy beams and small log balusters, creating a cozy, cabin-like feel. This suite is a perfect blend of rugged materials and refined craftsmanship, offering guests a warm and inviting space to relax after a day of adventure at the ranch.

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Handcrafted Elegance in the Mayan Suite

The Mayan Suite showcases our ability to blend traditional techniques with modern design. We crafted weathered doors from Knotty Alder wood, hand-chipping and scaring them before sandblasting to bring out the grain and create an aged look. We added contrasting colors and textures through selective sanding and staining, giving the suite a unique and elegant appearance. Additionally, we provided window trim, other trim and base materials, along with matching coffee bars and vanities, to complete the cohesive look for guests to enjoy.


An Engineering Marvel in the Tower

One of the standout projects at Champion Ranch was the construction of an impressive tower in the heart of the Trophy Room. The client envisioned bringing the essence of the outdoors inside while cleverly camouflaging an elevator shaft.

FUN FACT: I have a fear of heights, so this aspect of the project posed a personal challenge for me.


The Tin Roof team brought this vision to life with their innovative engineering and craftsmanship. Tin Roof meticulously engineered the staircase and upper landing area, employing robust steel supports featuring large 6” tubing, with each step meticulously welded into place. At our sawmill in Lane City, TX, we prepared ½ round logs for the staircase flights. These logs were kiln-dried to ensure durability and then drilled with precise 4” holes to fit seamlessly over the pipes and dog bones. To enhance the logs' natural beauty and strength, we applied epoxy to fill any cracks, followed by profiling, sanding, and finishing with a durable industrial wood floor finish. The logs were then securely bolted and glued in place, resulting in a structure that is both robust and visually captivating. Despite my fear of heights, I found myself marveling at the tower's beauty and the craftsmanship that went into its creation. The project successfully brought the outdoors indoors, achieving the client's unique vision with stunning results.


Just as we were reaching new heights with the Tower, an unexpected challenge loomed on the horizon. Join me in Part 2 to discover how we overcome this obstacle and unveil the rest of the magnificent projects we completed at Champion Ranch.


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Stay tuned for more tales of rustic opulence from Tin Roof Kitchen and Home!