OUR Residential Renovation FOR St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church 

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In the heart of El Campo, Texas, you’ll find Tin Roof Kitchen and Home, a company that exemplifies craftsmanship and dedication to their clients. When the beloved Saint Roberts Church, affectionately known as Casa San Roberto, sought a transformation of their living and hospitality area, Tin Roof eagerly answered the call. This is a story of how Kurt, his father Mark and their team of skilled artisans breathed warmth and beauty into the rectory, crafting a space destined to be cherished for generations to come.


The Artistry of Pecan Wood

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Kurt recognized the abundance of pecan trees that covered the El Campo community and saw a chance to incorporate the area's essence into Casa San Roberto's renovation. Pecan wood, with its rich hues and timeless appeal, became the medium for Casa San Roberto's transformation. With meticulous care, the Tin Roof team used local pecan trees to create hardwood floors, ceiling panels, stairs, cabinets, vanities, numerous custom doors, and weathered beams. Every piece was infused with the essence of the community and the dedication of Tin Roof's artisans.

A Collaborative Endeavor

Father Philip, the vibrant force behind Casa San Roberto, embraced an active role in the remodel. Excited to witness the project's evolution firsthand, he journeyed to Tin Roof's personal ranch, Triple P Ranch and Pratka Lodge, located in Lane City, TX. Together, they meticulously selected the perfect mantle piece, forging a bond that transcended the project itself. Father Philip even entrusted Kurt with a cherished hewing axe, which they used to notch the pecan beams, paying homage to the craftsmanship of bygone eras. Countless hours were devoted to marking and sandblasting the beams, culminating in a weathered texture that exudes timeless character.

Discovering Beauty in Unexpected Places

Tin Roof's commitment to resourcefulness led them to an encounter with a dead Hackberry tree on the church grounds. With Father Philip's approval, they transformed this fallen tree into stunning vanity tops for the rectory’s bathrooms. This act exemplified the team's dedication to uncovering hidden beauty and turning it into functional art, breathing new life into forgotten materials.


A Table that Unites

In April 2023, Tin Roof and the Pratka family gifted Casa San Roberto a grand 12-foot pecan dining table. A symbol of unity, this table became the heart of the rectory, a gathering place where stories are shared and memories are made. Recently, the Tin Roof team had the pleasure of experiencing the table's magic firsthand when they were invited to dinner at the rectory. Surrounded by great friends and the palpable energy of the space they helped create, they witnessed the transformative power of their work.


As Tin Roof reflects upon their journey with St. Robert’s Church, they can envision the lasting impact of this residential renovation on the church and the community. The beauty and functionality of the space will foster a sense of belonging and provide a sanctuary for generations to come. The stories yet to be told and the memories waiting to unfold within these walls serve as a testament to Tin Roof's unwavering commitment to their craft.


Unparalleled Residential Remodel

Tin Roof Kitchen and Home has woven a tale of artistry and collaboration, breathing life into Casa San Roberto's living and hospitality area. Their dedication to craftsmanship and their ability to see the hidden beauty within trees have resulted in masterpieces that will stand the test of time. As Father Philip aptly puts it, “If you would like your home to feel warm and inviting with custom Texas made wood products, then look no further than Tin Roof. You can't buy what they're selling anywhere else. The wood is milled here in Wharton County and they will produce every project to your own specifications. Their art is allowing the wood to speak for itself by revealing the stunning grain and by making the 'imperfections' into the perfect piece. They did a lot of work for our house and it is the first thing that people notice when they come inside. The Pratkas are hardworking people and they stand behind their name - something you don't find in a lot of contractors. They are truly from a different generation and their products will become timeless family heirlooms.”

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If you seek a RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION that encompasses uniqueness and elegance, reach out to Tin Roof Kitchen & Home and embark on a journey to create one-of-a-kind treasures that make your house a HOME.