STEP Inside Tin Roof Kitchen & Home's Residential Masterpiece IN HENLY, TX.


Today, we invite you to journey alongside us as we unveil the story behind Judd and his family's quest to create a haven that seamlessly blends opulence with rustic charm.

Imagine the excitement of finally completing the construction of your dream home, only to realize that it lacks that distinctive, personalized touch that truly makes it your own. This was the predicament facing Judd, who knew exactly where to turn for help. With unwavering confidence, he entrusted his architectural dreams to Tin Roof Kitchen and Home, knowing that they possessed the skill and creativity to bring his vision to life.

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Pecan Paradise: A Cozy Game Room Retreat

Enter the heart of Judd's sanctuary, a game room haven meticulously designed with his beloved family in mind. As you step into the room, the comforting embrace of Pecan wood welcomes you, echoing the laughter and joy shared by his two little ones.

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Every facet of the pecan wood walls, flooring, ceiling, and beams radiates a unique warmth and tranquility inherent to pecan wood. Kurt, the innovative owner of Tin Roof, imagined Judd’s family enjoying this space, envisioning them gathered around the distinctive cone-shaped fire pit nestled snugly amidst the pecan walls. Its soft glow beckons endless evenings of storytelling and bonding, seamlessly complementing the room's ambiance.

Kitchen Island Elegance to Cozy Living Room Ambiance

Venture further into the home, and you'll encounter the magnificent 12’ kitchen island – a culinary oasis where the family congregates to share meals, exchange stories, and celebrate life's simple pleasures. The meandering Epoxy River at the heart of the kitchen island serves as a distinct hallmark of Judd's home, ensuring it stands out from cookie-cutter designs. Meanwhile, the soft glow emanating from the meticulously crafted slab chandelier by Kurt elevates every meal into an unforgettable experience, truly setting this home apart.

As you step into the living room, your attention is immediately drawn to the beams crafted from local pecan wood. The family enjoys gathering around their exceptional live oak root coffee table, a one-of-a-kind piece meticulously crafted by Tin Roof's skilled team. Step up to the custom solid pecan wood bar, adorned with track bottle lights that playfully dance along the shelves, inviting spirited conversations and shared moments of laughter. And let's not overlook the weathered Live Oak mantle over the fireplace, which showcases rustic charm amidst a modern setting.

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Kurt also constructed a solid wood pecan dining room table for Judd's family, radiating both beauty and durability. Judd wanted a table capable of withstanding all the demands of a bustling family, with the hope of eventually passing it down to his children. Such longevity is only achievable thanks to the high-quality construction from Tin Roof and the sturdy pecan wood used.

Rustic Retreats: Bathroom, Office, and Bedroom Escapes

Step into the office, where a Pecan wall seamlessly complements the elegance of the waterfall edge slab desk, creating a workspace that exudes both sophistication and functionality. In the bedroom, this slab headboard stands as a tribute to craftsmanship, inviting rest and relaxation in its luxurious embrace. According to Kurt, the owner of Tin Roof, it took a team of eight men to bring in the slab headboard, a testament to its substantial craftsmanship and weight.

Kurt and his team meticulously crafted the pecan wafers for the bathroom vanity, demonstrating their skill and attention to detail in every cut and finish. As you glance into the Sycamore mirror, the live edge design crafted by Tin Roof adds a touch of organic beauty to the space, reflecting the warmth and charm of the home.

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A Client's Perspective: The Tin Roof Experience


What Inspired You to Choose Tin Roof?

"I craved uniqueness in my home, and Tin Roof's products are as unique as fingerprints!”

How Did You Discover Tin Roof?

"Being from the same hometown, I was well aware of their capabilities.”

Why Tin Roof Over Other Options?

"After witnessing their projects, I knew Tin Roof could bring my dreams to life.”

Your Experience with Tin Roof?

"Working with the team was a breeze. They turned my architectural dreams into reality!"

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Embrace Rustic Luxury with Tin Roof

Are you ready to infuse your home with the essence of rustic luxury and make it as unique as you are? Tin Roof Kitchen and Home is here, ready to transform your dreams into reality. Embark with us on the journey towards residential bliss, where every detail narrates a tale of craftsmanship and passion, ensuring your home stands out and reflects your individuality.

Stay tuned for more tales of rustic opulence from Tin Roof Kitchen and Home!


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