Greek Bros. Oyster Bar & Grill Outdoor Patio


Tin Roof and Greek Brothers Join Forces to Create Unforgettable OUTDOOR PATIO 


In the heart of El Campo, Texas, where the charm of small-town living meets the vibrant spirit of community, there stands a beloved establishment known as Greek Brothers Oyster Bar & Grill. Renowned for its delectable cuisine, exquisite drinks, and captivating live music, Greek Brothers has become a cornerstone of live entertainment in the region. Matthew, one of the visionary owners of this iconic restaurant and bar, recently approached Kurt, the founder of Tin Roof Kitchen and Home, with a distinctive proposition—a tantalizing prospect for an outdoor setting as enjoyable as its indoor counterpart.


Building on Trust and Excellence:
Tin Roof and Greek Brothers' Unwavering Partnership

The collaboration between Tin Roof and Greek Brothers is not a newfound alliance; it is a testament to the enduring partnership built on trust and a shared commitment to excellence. Over the years, Tin Roof has played a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic and functionality of various spaces within Greek Brothers' indoor venue. They are responsible for constructing the cedar stairs providing access to the upper bar area of the restaurant where you’ll find the illuminated epoxy bar; a particularly popular feature created by Kurt and his team that never fails to spark conversation among customers. Additionally, they were the masterminds behind crafting Greek Brother's distinctive tables and booths.

When Matthew conceived the idea of expanding Greek Brothers' allure to the outdoors, he instinctively turned to Kurt at Tin Roof. The vision was clear – to transform a simple outdoor space into a haven that mirrored the fun and allure of the indoor venue. But what started as a simple plan for six foot tall OPA letters on the outdoor fence soon evolved into a comprehensive project that would redefine the outdoor experience for Greek Brothers patrons.

From Shipping Container to Extraordinary Bar:
Tin Roof's Expertise Shines

Tin Roof's expertise was put to the test as they embarked on a journey to turn a standard shipping container into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor bar. The challenge extended beyond the shipping container and OPA letters, encompassing the reconstruction of the fence to blend privacy with visual appeal. The team at Tin Roof also undertook the creation of a modern gate adorned with large steel panels and strategically added awnings to provide shade to the existing buildings; providing respite from the Texas sun and enhancing the charm of the outdoor venue.


The crowning achievement of this collaboration is the transformation of the 20-foot shipping container into a remarkable bar. Complete with two serving windows and stairs leading to an elevated seating area, the shipping container exudes both functionality and visual allure. This outdoor venue is a masterpiece, unlike anything else in the area, a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Tin Roof.

Exceeding Expectations:
A Collaboration for the Ages

As the project reached its successful conclusion, it became clear that the synergy between these two businesses had not only met expectations but exceeded them. The outdoor space crafted by Tin Roof is poised to thrive, becoming a cherished haven for locals and a beacon for passersby seeking an extraordinary experience.

Tin Roof extends its heartfelt gratitude to Greek Brothers for entrusting them with this unique project. The collaboration stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when businesses cultivate a relationship grounded in trust, creativity, and a shared commitment to excellence. As the doors to the outdoor space swing open, Tin Roof and Greek Brothers invite the community to witness the culmination of their shared vision – an outdoor venue where craftsmanship meets celebration, and where every detail tells a story of dedication and distinction.

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